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2014 9 /15
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NY Cosmos Honor FF Sergio Villanueva

By Jonathan Kanovsky

We salute the NY Cosmos for honoring Sergio on Heroes Night during a pre-game ceremony on Sept 13, 2014. Sergio’s sister Maricel was presented with a #10 NY Cosmos jersey and Executive Director Joe Brosi was presented with an honorary #10 FDNY jersey as well.




Members of the Hofstra Men’s soccer team including scholarship recipient Maid Memic and Head Coach Rich Nuttall were in attendance as well.

Hofstra pix

2014 9 /11
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9/11 Rememberence

By Jonathan Kanovsky

While this is no doubt an incredibly difficult day for those who have lost loved ones on September 11th, I want to reflect on the incredible good that has been accomplished in the name of FF Sergio Villanueva.  Over $130,000 has been given out to worthy young men and women at Hofstra University and Holy Cross High School.  For the past 13 years, I have talked to the men’s and women’s team at Hofstra about 9/11, Sergio, and life lessons in general.  Sergio’s values and his love of the beautiful game continue to live on through these talks and the foundation’s outreach programs. May all those who were killed on September 11, rest in peace




2014 Hofstra Women’s Soccer Team in front of FF Sergio Villanueva Garden at Hofstra University