9 Years Later

By Jonathan Kanovsky

As the 9th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, my thoughts turn not only Sergio’s family and loved ones, but of the friends who have come into my life since 9/11. Joe Brosi and the members of the FDNY Soccer Club have been there for me time and time again. They have sacrificed thier own time to help support my family during our own time of crisis and have been their to offer their selfless support for the foundation. The foundation has traveled the world preaching our message of world peace and reaching out to children worldwide hopeful for a more peaceful future.

I will be spending 9/11 with my family at the Army Football game tomorrow as West Point honor’s America’s Heroes. These selfless young cadets have chosen to attend the US Military Academy knowing that they will be on the front lines defending our freedom upon graduation. I am sure that Big Daddy would think of no act more brave than the decision that these young men and women have made.

To all of the friends we have made and those who have helped us remember Sergio each and every day, thank you for helping ease the pain of Sergio’s loved ones.

I wish all of you a peaceful day.