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2011 9 /26
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FDNY 1 NYPD 1 – FDNY Wins 5-4 on PK’s

By Jonathan Kanovsky

The FDNY regained the Mayor’s Cup after a hard-fought, thrilling contest this past Saturday that was decided on Penalty Kicks. Over 2,000 fans cheered on both teams at RedBulls Arena on a hot, muggy night.


The first half was tightly played with both sides feeling each other out, but the FDNY Club took the lead with less than a minute left in the first half on a beautiful cross to the 6 yard line which was headed in.


The NYPD Club came out on fire (sorry, boys) in the second half and completely dominated play. Chance after chance, however, was turned aside by a FDNY squad determined to avenge last year’s 3-1 defeat. The pressure proved to much and with 8 minutes left in the second half, a beautiful run down the left hand side was rewarded as an NYPD forward beat the FDNY goalie and tied the game. FDNY had one last chance in the final minutes but the NYPD came up with an incredible save.


The friendly came down to penalty kicks and the FDNY was perfect and ended up winning the Mayor’s Cup with a 5-4 advantage in PK’s.


Over $5,000 was raised for the FF Sergio Villanueva Soccer Foundation and the Widow’s and Orphan’s Fund. A huge thank you to the RedBulls staff for hosting this great contest.

2011 9 /20
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Battle on the Pitch – FDNY Soccer vs NYPD Soccer

By Jonathan Kanovsky

The 3rd Annual Battle on the Pitch returns this Saturday, Sept. 24th at RED BULLS Arena in Harrison. The Battle will take place immediately following the RedBulls vs Portland Timbers game which starts at 7:30.

The FDNY Club will look for revenge after last year’s 3-1 loss. Both teams are practicing hard and expect both squads to come out fired up.

A portion of each ticket will benefit the FF Sergio Villanueva Soccer Foundation.

Please contact the foundation at or call the RedBulls Ticket Office for more information.

2011 9 /6
Category Personal Stories
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Truly the World’s Game

By Jonathan Kanovsky


Tassilaq Soccer Stadium

Tassilaq Soccer Stadium


This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Greenland to enjoy a 10 day backpacking trip.  The last thing I expected to find during my adventure was anything related to the world’s game.  Much to my surprise I was mistaken.


After a 2 hour plane ride and a 90 minute boat ride through pack ice, I arrived in the town of Tassilaq (pop. 1900).  The center of town is dominated by a regulation soccer pitch.  This pitch is lined on Friday and is used by the whole village from dawn to dusk on Saturday.


I then took a 2 hour boat ride and a 10 hour hike thru a valley to Kuggermit Point.  We camped here for three days and previous guest left a soccer ball.  You are viewing what possibly be the only shot of our Executive Director kicking a soccer ball


The next day would truly illustrate to me why we call soccer the World’s Game.  After a 20 minute boat ride, I arrived in the little village of Tinnit.  This coastal outpost is 20 miles south of the Polar Ice Cap and has a population of 125.  After a short hike into the middle of town, I came across the school kids of Tinnit warming up for their daily soccer game.  It would be foreign to most of us to play on a small dirt pitch with wooden pallets as goals with a large boulder on the right side of the field (home field advantage), but these boys and girls outfitted in UMBRO pinnies wearing uniforms of Brazil, Barcelona, and Chelsea know no other way.  After inviting me to warm up, (which consisted of a 2 mile run through the hills of Tinnit), and running a little more than 150 yards, I told the trainer that I would wait by the pitch.  After their warm up, the kids played a spirited game of football where skills, honed by hours of practice, were displayed.  I felt honored to view this game that was played with the tenacity of most Premier League matches and now truly understand what is meant by the WORLDS GAME.