Richard Martinez
"I was immediately willing to accept the reward and responsibility of representing the Villanueva family in a positive manner. The award means a lot to me. Having been extremely close with firefighter families myself throughout the years, I hold the scholarship near to my heart. I plan to do everything in my power to make you all proud."
- Arnel Andrada '04
Nina Nanavrakis
"I am fortunate to be recognized as the Sergio Villanueva scholarship recipient. Last season we put forth a great effort winning the conference championship and I do not think that would have been possible without your generosity and support"
- Nina Nanavrakis '05
Arnel Andrada
"My family and I truly appreciate that I have been chosen to receive this prestigious award. I will work day in and out to keep Sergio's spirit alive in the Men's Soccer program so that my coaches and teammates will forever respect the memory of Firefighter Villanueva."
- Richard Martinez '06, 07, 08
Kristine Suapengco
"And what is as important as knowledge?" Asked the mind. "Caring and seeing with the heart." Answered the soul. This is what you are doing for me. You are showing me the great gift of caring, which I will never forget
- Kristine Suapengco '06, '07