The Future of US Soccer

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Tomorrow we will find out the future for US Soccer in this country.  For years we have said that we are ready to compete with the best in the world.  Well, tomorrow is put up or shut up time.  The cards have fallen in our favor and we need to demonstrate that we are ready to play 90 minutes of football.  Hopefully, Bradley will bench Onyewu (# 5) and our back four will be solid.  It seems a long time ago, that the FDNY Soccer Club was in Germany representing the Foundation and promoting goodwill in that country.  One memory that will stay with me forever is conducting the youth clinic at the Baumholder Army Base on Father’s Day for the children of our men and women serving downrange.  I wonder how may of those dad’s and mom’s are still with us and I hope that no harm has come to the families we met while there.  While Brazil and Argentina look to be the top two teams, I believe anything can happen in the round of sixteen (maybe a phantom penalty kick call)

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